People and Prayers to Keep in Mind
For a reliable and updated source of information on Covid 19 and its effect on the State, search online “michigan covid 19 updates” and you will get several links to local and state resources, including Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC.
In our Diocese and at direction of our bishop, Bonnie Perry, our church buildings continue to be closed to the public and staff. Worship services remain suspended through May 9th.
From Cheryl MacDonald, our treasurer: “Thanks again to everyone who has been either mailing in their pledge and donations or who have been dropping them off in the mailbox outside the parish house door. While many of our bills have slowed down, we remain committed to our payroll obligations. Your support is appreciated.”
Checking in with St. Michael’ers: Vestrymembers, along with Fr. Michael, have been making welfare and update phone calls to all parishioners on our parish list and to our staff. This will continue on a weekly basis through the month of April (or until the Stay-At-Home order is relaxed). If you have not received a phone call, please let Fr. Bradley know at 603-661-7860. AND – if you know of a friend or neighbor who needs assistance, contact me and I’ll arrange for help.
A wonderful online resource, “The Way of the Cross”, has been shared with us by Donna Lockhart, seminarian at St. Michael’s. She writes, “I would like to share with you ‘The Way of the Cross’, compiled by Dr. Laurie Brink, Order of Preachers, who teaches scripture at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. The video was shared with us by our dean of students and we have permission to share this video widely. I thought of our congregation at St. Michael’s. The content is beautiful, educational and meditative; a new and inspiring vision on the traditional stations or Way of the Cross devotion.”
This would be appropriate anytime during Holy Week. Click here for the link:  THE WAY OF THE CROSS
From our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, come his weekly meditations, “Habits of Grace”. All are available beginning with March 16th; new ones will be posted through May. 
He is a wonderfully thoughtful preacher, and no less so than in these brief reflections:  HABITS OF GRACE
Music: Musicians are providing performances online. No matter what your musical interests or tastes there is much to be had these days. For opera buffs, the Metropolitan Opera in NYC is streaming for free past performances:  MET OPERA
The Detroit Symphony offers replays of many concerts as well as specific performances from concerts: Replays of Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concerts:  ORCHESTRA HALL
Several parishioners have relayed that reading and praying the psalms has provided comfort and hope. 
There are at least 150 psalms; no aspect, situation, triumph or tragedy of the human condition is not recorded somewhere in those hundreds of verses. 
Of special support in these times, and ones that I have used so often, are psalms: 4, 16, 23, 30, 46, 31, 91, 121, 130. If you have ones that speak to you, please let me know. 
The entire psalter from the Book of Common Prayer is online at  PSALTER
YouTube is a source of hymns and worship services; just search by the name of the hymn and you’ll likely find more than one recording. (I played during Palm Sunday worship the Youtube posting of “All Glory Laud, and Honor” as sung by the choir and people of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge.
Safe Outdoor Gatherings while Respecting Physical Distancing: I’ve heard from several parishioners that neighbors are arranging to meet at specific times to gather outdoors (while standing feet apart). Fantastic! Becky and I have begun meeting our neighbors on Allard Avenue, generally by shouting across the street while Earl barks at other dogs. I think our presence has been noticed.
How are you passing these days? Drop me a line so that I might share our stories of compromise, adaptation, reflection, and inspiration.
My prayer continues that all will be held safely in God’s hands, and that we will rejoice when we can gather again in person as the body of Christ at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.
Faithfully, Fr. Michael