Time and Talent

Our interim rector is fond of saying that St. Michael’s is not just a Sunday church…we are a weekday church!  There are few quiet moments in our building during the week:

  • The Little Thrift Shop volunteers are ready to serve customers on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and they work on inventory management on Mondays. 
  • The Outreach Committee is in the kitchen making chili and cornbread for one of the soup kitchens we support.
  • Many members use their professional skills to help maintain our building – from working on our information technology systems, the plumbing and electrical systems, meeting with service providers, taking care of small maintenance issues like changing light bulbs, setting thermostats and managing the sprinkler system. 
  • Committees meet during the week to plan their activities. 
  • The Choir fills the Sanctuary with wonderful music at Wednesday evening rehearsals for Sunday services.
  • The Altar Guild is busy on Fridays maintaining altar linens and vessels and preparing for worship services.
  • Many parishioners come during the spring and fall to participate in yard maintenance.
  • On Monday mornings an informal gathering of members called “Monday Munchies” talks about what needs to be done in our faith community.
  • The many outreach projects that we support keep members busy all across the metropolitan area.
  • In support of our Good Samaritan Project our Fellowship Hall has been filled with teenagers making fleece blankets and pillow cases. These handmade items became part of “Night Night” bags containing the blankets, pillows, pajamas, and a book. The bags were given to all first and second grade students in an area school where families are often without permanent homes and children do not have their own, warm bedding.