MARE Youth Feature, June

MARE Youth Feature, June

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You gotta love a kid like Latasha who says that being silly makes her laugh. Tasha, as she prefers, jokes about the most important thing she wants people to know about her, saying that she’s “weird and crazy.” However, she’s not so “weird” when she talks about the place she most wants to visit, which is Florida. “I want to see dolphins,” Tasha says. Her other favorite critters include horses, dogs, snakes and rhinos. On the weekends, you’d likely find her sleeping, which is one her favorite free-time activities. Tasha also enjoys reading — she “carries a book with her at all times” says her worker – listening to music and attending church on Sundays. One of Tasha’s goals is to become more involved with school sports and a church community. Tasha enjoys other sports as well such as football and basketball. Tasha has recently started attending sporting events at her high school and values the additional time with her friends out of school hours. Another favorite activity is watching television; her favorite shows include ”Smallville,” “Supernatural,” “Charmed,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Fosters,” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Some of the things she’d like to do with her future forever family include going places and having fun nights out together.

Jessie Thompson
Recruitment Specialist
Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange

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