MARE Youth Feature, April








April 2017:  Kevin (C08992)

It’s pretty easy to make Kevin’s day. Start him off with a hug. “Kevin is always ready for a hug!” says his worker. Then turn him loose outside so he can play the sports he loves: basketball and soccer. Or, let him enjoy his favorite toy, a Nintendo DS so he can battle the bad guys in some video games. When it’s time to eat, serve Kevin some macaroni (his favorite food) on a plate awash in red (his favorite color). And when it’s time to unwind, let Kevin watch reruns of his favorite TV show, “iCarly.” If his wishes come true, Kevin would have “a lot of money” so he could “buy everything.” He’d also become a police officer so he can take on the bad guys in real life. At some point, he’d travel to Mississippi because – in his words – “it is fun there.” If you want to make Kevin’s birthday special, let him go skating. For Kevin, any day is special when he has a forever family, one who enjoys doing things together such as eating out – Old Country Buffet is his favorite – and going go-carting.



Jennifer Brooks, BS
MARE Youth Specialist
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