A furnished apartment for a new family

On Monday, April 10, St. Michael’s and our partner church Grosse Pointe Congregational were contacted by the Refugee Settlement Agency Samaritas, about furnishing a two-bedroom apartment for a refugee family that would be arriving the next day at 9:00 p.m. WE called the moving company that had the furniture in storage and gathered the household items that had been donated. On Tuesday, April 11 we made the apartment in Shelby Township ready for the family.

We weren’t at the apartment late enough in the day to greet the family, but were able to learn something of them from an aunt, who has been in this country over thirty years. They are a couple with a 21-year-old daughter who intends to enroll in college. The family lost a home in Syria to bombing, the moved into another home that was also lost to┬ábombs. This is when they fled their country for Jordan, where they spent four years before their application for refugee resettlement was approved.

— Pat Dyble and Bill Davenport, for the Outreach Committee