March 27, 2017.  Evening prayer during Holy Week

March 27, 2017.  Evening prayer during Holy Week

Morning and Evening Prayer were originally conceived in the Book of Common Prayer as the primary services for each day, including Sunday. It is based on a monastic practice of keeping the hours. Thomas Cranmer, ever the monastic, incorporated Morning and Evening prayer (“Matins” and “Vespers”) as the standard form of worship for the Church in England.

Those days have passed.

We are now a Eucharistically centered church, and the practice of saying Morning and Evening Prayer is out of fashion. It is important for us to remember and participate in this devotional practice.

With that in mind, I will offer Evening Prayer to the members of St. Michael’s during Holy Week. Evening Prayer Rite II will be said on Monday and Wednesday of Holy Week, and Rite I Evening prayer will be said on Tuesday of Holy Week.

We will assemble for prayer at 6:00 p.m. I hope to see you there.