Liberian Eyeglass Campaign

Liberian Eyeglass Campaign

Liberian Eyeglass Campaign

St. Michael’s parishioner Magdalene Hanson has a very special outreach that crosses continents.  A native of Liberia, Ms. Hanson, along with her husband, Al and their children, fled from their home country in June of 1990 due to the bloody civil war taking place there. Now, after 21 years, Ms. Hanson had the opportunity to return to Liberia this summer for a visit.

“During all these years I have been saving my old prescription eyeglasses because I felt that they could be of use to someone back home who could not afford a new pair.  Little did I know how great the need would be,” she said.

While in Liberia, she took the eyeglasses to the J.F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia, where she met with Dr. Edward  B. Guizzie, Consultant Ophthalmologist and head of the J.F.K. Eye Department.  She then explained her reason for being there and gave him six pairs of eyeglasses and two pair of lenses with no frames.

Dr. Guizzie expressed his gratitude and emphasized the great need for donated eyeglasses, since most of the patients seeking eye care at the hospital cannot afford the cost of new glasses. Dr. Guizzie, along with members of the Lions Club of Monrovia have been collecting used eyeglasses, however they are unable to keep up with the needs of the patients.

Ms. Hanson made a promise to Dr. Guizzie that when she returned to the United States, she would gather used eyeglasses and send them to him in Liberia for the benefit of the needy there. “I know without a doubt in my heart, that this is something God wants me to do,” she said.

If you would like to help you may bring your old eyeglasses to the Parish Office or mail them to

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church
c/o Liberian Eyeglass Campaign
20475 Sunningdale Park Drive
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI  48236