Vestry Meeting Notes, June 6

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Grosse Pointe Woods Vestry Meeting June 6, 2016 Prayer (Reinhold Niebuhr) O God, who has made us creatures of time, so that every tomorrow is unknown country, and every decision a venture in faith: Grant us, frail children of the day, who are yet blind to the future, to move toward […]

A Brief Overview of Transition Ministry

A Brief Overview of Transition Ministry Calling new clergy is a process of mutual discernment, engaged in by the congregation and the clergy candidates, in partnership with the Bishop and the Bishop’s Office. This exciting time of seeking the best clergy match (not the best priest) for a congregation should be carried out prayerfully and […]

Relief Care

Relief Care: If you are the primary caregiver and are in need of respite, two organizations that may be able to assist you are the United Way and Visiting Nurses Association.

Youth Group

Our youth group is a comprised of youth, 6th -12th grades, exploring their faith through social events, social action work, fundraising events, and diocesan youth events. The youth ministry program provides opportunities for young people to come together in a Christian environment in fellowship with other youth to grow in spiritual formation, explore their questions, and develop leadership within the church.


Expense Reimbursement   Room Request Form   For all Youth Group events, students and visitors will need to have on file at the church: A Permission Form/registration for the event Youth Group Registration Form   A completed Scholarship application, as needed Youth Group Scholarship Application Form   A signed copy of agreement to the Youth […]

Youth Group Forms

For all Youth Group events, students and visitors will need to have on file at the church: A Permission Form/registration for the event Youth Group Registration Form   A completed Scholarship application, as needed Youth Group Scholarship Application Form

Amazon Affiliates Program

Purchases made through the parish’s Amazon Affiliates page will provide St. Michael’s with a percentage of your purchases (ranging from about 8-12%, depending on the items).  Helping us in this endeavor is simple:  Just click on the Amazon link and our Amazon Affiliates page will open. If you are on ordering online, please go to our Amazon Affiliates page and see if those items are available there.

How to Join

Becoming a Member of St. Michael’s Q:  How does one become a member of St. Michael’s? A:  Becoming a member of our parish is actually quite simple.  All you have to do is show up for Sunday worship, and register the fact of your baptism with the Parish Office.  We consider a baptism to be valid […]

Who Leads Us

Who Leads Us? Q:  Who is in charge of St. Michael’s Church? A:  In the Episcopal Church leadership of the local congregation is a responsibility shared by the priest, the elected lay leaders, and the members in general.  We Episcopalians believe that all members are to work together, according to their distinctive gifts, for the spread […]

How We Serve

How Do We Serve? In August 2003 our parish leadership adopted the following Mission Statement: Inspired by worship, Christian education and fellowship through our extended family in Christ, we will reach out to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and minister to those in need throughout the world. This Mission Statement is intended to […]

How We Worship

How Do We Worship? Q: What is worship like at St. Michael’s? A: As in all Christian churches our worship on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is the glue that binds us to our Lord Jesus Christ and to one another. The purpose of our worship is to gather God’s people to hear God’s Word read […]

What We Believe

What We Believe Q: What do Episcopalians believe? A: This is very difficult to summarize in just a few paragraphs, but here goes. First, we Episcopalians believe in God the Holy Trinity, as stated in the two historic creeds (a creed is a summary statement of faith). We accept these creeds as sufficient statements of […]

How Do We Learn?

How Do We Learn? Q: What is the goal of St. Michael’s Youth Education program? A: Our Christian Education Program seeks to help children build a firm foundation for lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. For Nursery through Grade 12, the goal is to lead each young person to an awareness of God’s presence in the […]